A&V Elettronica

The reference point for the management of electronics companies

Founded 20 years ago, A&V Elettronica is the electronics suppliers magazine, house organ of Assodel, the Italian association of electronics suppliers.

Its target represents 65% of the whole components supply for electronics industry.

A&V Elettronica is an influential and privileged look-out on market trends, corporate strategies, evolution of application areas, with the precious support of economic data collected by the Association, of expert opinions and exclusive analysis provided by important research institutes and main Italian and International Associations.

The magazine wants to be an instrument for corporate managers, sales and marketing managers but also technicians, production managers, operators and anyone who looks for insights on market issues, supply, sales and purchase strategies within the electronic componets marketa.

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Distribution and target

Distribution method and readers profile



A&V Elettronica is sent to a mailing list of 7.900 names, extracted from databases of Assodel, Unioncamere e ICE (Foreign Trade Institute).

The magazine is also distributed to visitors and exhibitors in most important events concerning electronics and in all Assodel Electronics Forums.

Over 400 copies are sent abroad - distribution managed by Consorzio Elettrimpex.

The mailing list is an accurate selection of suppliers and distributors operating in the electronics market.



Issues & Topics

Everything about the Electronics World


Market & Marketing

market data and trends provided by companies, quarterly processed and reported

Assodel activities and services

european market data and trends about distribution

Economic Observatories and Associations

exclusive items and information about electronics industry and distribution

sales channels and purchase strategies


Opinions & Companies

management opinions about corporate strategies

price trends recorded by Assodel

credit and pay

actions for SMEs, supporting innovation and internationalization

training of high-skilled profiles for Hi-tech


Technologies & Products

technologies scenario: state of the art and evolution

quality and environment

the end of life of products

selection of best products of the month

cross reference of electronics industry - extracted from Assodel Directories