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Fortronic International Forum - Turkey
Italy meets Turkey for Energy Efficiency Evolution
Istanbul, 09-30-2010 Istanbul Wow Convention Center

 Italy meets Turkey: a one day meeting for a long term business

The Fortronic International Forum, which has been held on September 30th in Istanbul, Turkey, has been an important event for the electronics industry representing a step further in the creation of a Mediterranean network in the electronic field.
Following the first international event of last April in Tunisia, Assodel (Italian Association of Electronic Suppliers) and IDEA (International Distribution of Electronic Association) - in partnership with Agid (Turkish Lighting Luminaires Manufacturers Association) and Tesid (Turkish Electronic Industrialists Association) and thanks to the support of Italian institutions - have organized another important forum in Southern Europe with the purpose of creating new business opportunities Italy meets Turkey: a one day meeting for a long term business for Italian SMEs
The main conference of the Fortronic international Forum, which has focused on energy efficiency issues (power and lighting), has been opened by Fahir Gok - (top image), Agid President, Enver Ibek (bottom image), Tesid General Secretary, and Silvio Baronchelli, IDEA President, who have agreed on the importance of building a long term partnership between Italy and Turkey.