Organi direttivi



Domenico Caserta   SGE-Syscom

Vice Presidenti

Maurizio Maitti   Elettromeccanica ECC
Claudio Pinelli     Albatech

Past President

Sandro Ghirardi   Future Electronics


Domenico Donati   professionista
Renzo Leva          Acsel
Carlo Poletti         Nordelettronica


Silvana Briscese Sotec Engineering
Area Ovest
Ernesto Bosi        NXP
Michele Busnelli   Comprel
Maurizio Candura  RS Components
Stefano Coletto    Arrow Electronics
Pino Cosenza       Rutronik
Marco Donà         Avnet Abacus
Giuseppe Gustinetti   Special-Ind
Claudio Implicito   La Tecnikadue
Roberto Legnani   Infineon Technologies
Francesco Mongiardo  Darton
Domenico Moretti  Melchioni
Stefano Noseda     Farnell Italia
Mario Orlandi        Avnet Silica
Walter Ripamonti   Cogedis

Presidenti Gruppi

Luca Ceppi - Elemaster
Pres Gruppo EMS

Gianni Damian - Contradata
Pres Gruppo E&IC

Gabriella Meroni - OMR
Pres Gruppo PCB

Marco Ponti - Molex
Pres Assiconn


Presidenti Consorzi

Silvio Baronchelli  Tecnoimprese
Pres Consorzio Elettrimpex

Gilberto Belli Larcet
Pres Consorzio Latium IES

Giuseppe Salafia Teleindustriale
Pres Consorzio Ventech


Italian Association of Electronics Suppliers

Assodel (Italian Association of Electronics Suppliers) brings together suppliers of components, machinery and electronic subsystems and promoting the activities of electronic industrial and trade related services
Assodel is the institutional point of reference for suppliers of electronics and, more generally, to what in Italy is Electronics Trade. Its business is to inform and train all those involved in providing electronic technological development of the country.

Established in 1983, the association now has more than 200 members representing 95% of components in Italy. cliccare qui.

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In the 27 years that had occurred since its inception, many changes have occurred within and outside of Assodel.
The distribution is changed by taking features and specialized supranational.
The pervasiveness of electronics, the globalization of markets and information, cost cutting, the speed of events and the multiplicity of their interrelationships are binding on all, at all levels to understand and interpret what is happening around using every means in their possible.
The association represents an essential means to work better. Assodel's commitment is to ensure that the collaboration among all likely to cause a genuine benefit to everyone.


Gruppi Assodel

Gruppi di mercato per far fronte comune a problematiche non comuni

In recent years, were born within Assodel to different market groups with the goal of providing the Electronic Services Electronics Manufacturer Italian reference continuous and structured. 

Gruppo EMS

Gruppo EMS

aziende di contoterzismo del mercato elettronico italiano

arrowattività, benefici e come aderire

Gruppo PCB

Gruppo PCB

produttori italiani circuiti stampati

arrowattività, benefici e come aderire

Gruppo Connessione

Assiconn raggruppa le aziende di elettronica industriale che producono connettori e sistemi di interconnessione.

arrowattività, benefici e come aderire

Gruppo E & IC

Gruppo Embedded & Industrial Computer

le imprese italiane attive nel settore Embedded & Industrial PC

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Gruppo Progettazione


Progettisti e progettazione

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